The Round Pen is used for Riding, Lunging, Breaking-in & Groundwork


The panels can be adapted to any shape or size simply by moving or adding sections.  


Every panel is quality hot dipped galvanised to last many years.

For further peace of mind we offer a 5 year guarantee!

The round pen is used by well known trainers all over the world.  One of the most famous is Monty Roberts best known for his "Join Up" methods.  


They are an extremely valuable training tool, used for English or Western disciplines.


Benefits of a CJ Horse Pen

  • More economical than a wooden round pen. 

  • Able to relocate it if required.

  • Easily change the size simply my adding or removing panels.

  • Gate is high enough to enter whilst mounted.

  • Easy to install.

  • Versatile panels which can be made into any shape, eg. square pen or holding yard, can even be used for cattle or other livestock.

  • Smooth sides, no sharp edges.

  • Over 6ft high to prevent the horse getting his head over the top.

  • No corners for the horse to hide, keeps the energy going.

  • Its safe for the horse as it keeps him contained.

  • Helps to gain horses trust as it provides a non-threatening area for the horse.  

  • Beneficial when starting a horse for the first few times.

  • Used for establishing mutual respect such as join-up and connecting with your horse.

  • Ground manners, grooming and saddling within a safe space.

  • Teaches a horse to bend.

  • Liberty work.

  • De-spooking, tarps, poles etc.  If the horse gets away, he can't go far.

  • Beginner riders who are worried about a horse taking off.  Gives a sense of a security.

  • Teaching children to ride in a safe enclosure.
  • Helps the mind set of a nervous rider.