CJ Horse Arenz

Portable Dressage Arena

20x40m or 20x60m

Cj Horse Arenaz

Benefits of CJ Arenz

  • UV treated PVC - longer lasting.

  • Portable - can be moved around to save grass wear in the one spot and easy to use at events. 

  • Complete with corner cones - less frustration and time spent at an event setting up to get the correct right angles.

  • Sturdy - plastic rail rather than pipe.  No sagging and much sturdier.

  • Light weight  - easy to move around if required.

  • Affordable - much cheaper alternative to wooden edging. Can be placed on grass or an arena surface.

  • Gives the horse a contained space to work in.

  • Improve your dressage at home.

  • Perfect for any horse club.


Ideal for the professional or the back yard enthusiast.

Ideal for any horse riding club.

PVC rails are ribbed which adds strength eliminating sagging.

Rails are pre-measured, you simply place into the shaped cone.

Arena letters are easy to see from a distance.

Easy to set up and pack up - perfect for events.



$2,229.99inc GST

Includes the following:

Arena Letters x 8 (620x520mm)

Line Cone x 28 (320x365mm)

Corner Cone x 4 (320x365mm)

Rail x 30 (50x150x4000mm)



$2,999.99inc GST

Includes the following:

Arena Letters x 12 (620x520mm)

Line Cone x 38 (320x365mm)

Corner Cone x 4 (320x365mm)

Rail x 40 (50x150x4000mm)

Discounts for horse clubs or bulk buys!

Due to the large size of these arenas, we do not hold much stock.  It is recommended that a deposit is paid to ensure you don't miss out in between shipments.

*Prices are subject to change.  Exchange rates can fluctuate which can effect our pricing.