My Story​

After recently purchasing an inexperienced horse I realised just how important it is to have a safe and contained area to work in. I found it so much easier to ground train my horse in a round pen which provided a space in which we were both much calmer and less distracted.


My horse tends to be hot at times and I feel much safer mounting and riding the fizz out in my round pen before we head out on our ride. It's also where I occasionally have lessons. My trainer says it’s a great way to learn to ride a correct circle and my horse seems much more focused on my aids.
















We also introduced my little god daughter to riding her miniature horse within the security of the round pen. Being in a safe environment her parents were much more relaxed about her riding.





I am very interested in Monty Roberts methods, particularly join up, which is always conducted in a round pen. Since implementing this kind of training I have found the relationship I have with my horses has improved. I have noticed changes not just in our ridden work but also in simple things like leading, grooming, changing covers, etc. which seem to have become easier. It's as though we have a newfound respect and trust for each other. I truly believe this would not have been possible without the use of a round pen.


"I found it much easier to ground train my horse in a round pen"

I want to make this versatile piece of equestrian equipment available and affordable to the average New Zealand horse owner.  I truly believe that our pens will enhance the relationship between you and your equine partner. It has certainly enhanced mine.

"I truly believe that our pens will enhance the relationship between you and your equine partner"

I have owned horses for most of my life and I come from a very strong equestrian background. It started with my grandfather who manufactured a well known brand of canvas cover before I was even born. My father and his siblings worked with him learning the trade.


My fathers passion was with the design of saddles - a passion which took my family to the Midlands in England where my father started his own factory. This is where Thorowgood Saddles began. They went on to become the largest saddle manufacturer in Europe.


After ten years in the UK, my mother missing home, family and the Kiwi lifestyle wanted to come back to NZ so the business was sold. After our return it wasn‘t long before my father had started what was to become the largest equestrian retail outlet in New Zealand "Saddlery Warehouse“. I started working within the family business in my early twenties managing the Albany branch for many years. I now work behind the scenes in marketing and am also one of the managing directors.


Chelsea Jane Thorowgood